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Our Students

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Our Students

by Carol King Mosley


Can you recognize me?  I’m a student of today

I might look so familiar that my essence slips away

But I have seen a world of change in just a few short years

Making the distance in between us so much deeper than it appears.


Don’t tell me I can’t multitask when it is all I do

And I can text a paragraph anytime for you.

I have friends I see each day – and those that live online

To me they’re not dissimilar, the boundaries are sublime


I power down to come to school and focus just on you

While in my head I’m counting off until this class is through

And then I’m given freedom and the world will open wide

I’ll just grab my mobile phone and see who waits inside


I’ll text a thought, I’ll post a line, I’ll facebook with my friends

I’ll weave 10 conversations before our chatting ends

I’ll youtube with my buddies, and voicethread with my peers

I skype, I blog, I collaborate with my iPod in both ears.


I embody all the changes that you might not be ready for

I don’t sit down to just watch tv – and radio’s a bore.

I’d rather have a keyboard than script a written word

And yet I’m not the downfall that you might judge absurd.


I’m bright, I’m young, I’m learning in a world that’s changing pace

I no longer am contented to strive for second place

I deserve your trust and knowledge and tools so I’ll succeed

To meet my distant future – where I don’t know what I will need


I’ll have 10 jobs by 30, some are not invented yet!

To walk this unknown journey I need all the help that I can get

Let me be a member and join the world at large

There’s a learning revolution and our teachers must take charge


Don’t fear this world I’m living in – but join me in my quest

Technology supports us to do what we know best

To be a global citizen and break out of the mold

To think great thoughts uniquely – and not just what we’ve been told


The future’s bright – I’m on my way

I’ll take off like a rocket –

And all I ask is that you support the technology that’s in my pocket.



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