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Favorite Websites

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I love to be able to take advantage of free web tools to enhance learning...but every once in a while I run across a website that really stands out - and is worth paying a bit extra for!  Here are a few of my favorite $$$$ websites:


TumbleBooks - great for early readers - and for checking for comprehension     

EasyTech by Learning.com - in addition to a technology program aligned with ISTE NETS for each grade, there is now a prescriptive keyboarding program

Mathletics - amazing product aligned with most curriculum standards

BrainPop and BrainPopJr - engaging "age-appropriate" movies for grades K-5 (and higher) across the curriculum.  Also has interactive features for whiteboards




However - there's NOTHING as great as finding a wonderful "spot-on" website that is free!  Here are some of my favorite free sites:






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